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POTHOLES   | We fix during the day or night.


Our Municipalities have failed us.

The private sector is fronting the bill and claiming back from Tshwane Municipality.

We can patch and repair potholes during the day or night. Unlike other Road maintenance companies, we use advanced techniques to remove and re-cycle the existing asphalt and save.
Fixing potholes the right way and tending to other tar repairs like crack sealing saves the road.


Road maintenance done the right way and in time, stops unsightly patching of the surface.

Prevention is cheaper than cure.

Keeping with the times.

TARCO Rejuvenator CSB

Save your money and your surface.


We use advanced technologies and products. Our Agrément Certified (CSIR) smart surfacing solutions provide our clients with a cost-effective and long-lasting surface that outperforms those of our competitors.


Don't wait until your surface starts to crumble...

TARCO Rejuvenator CSB,  Resin Modified Sealcote (RMS), and  Hot micro-surfacing products will:

Save 80% of your road maintenance budget.

Your roads remain aesthetically pleasing all the time.

Regular Rejuvenator CSB application will upgrade the road performance.

Increase your property value, and have money to spend on other priority maintenance.

Tarco Rejuvenator CSB

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26 Years in the surfacing business prepares you for a lot of things, not for Covid-19 and a world-wide lockdown though. We understand money is tight. Our Smart-products are engineered to bridge the gap between traditional Tar surfacing and the high cost of repair.  Prevention is cheaper than cure. 



Severe aggregate loss



Resin Modified Sealcote


TARCO RMS (Resin Modified Sealcote) was engineered for a tough task. We required a extremely hard-wearing sealcote that could withstand the forces of an inter-link Truck turning on concrete. We succeeded in the task and started introducing RMS into the Domestic and Commercial marketplace. Click here for more information on this amazing product.



We Spray Cold-Plastic and Water/Solvent Paints


We use only specialized paint.

The surface is thoroughly cleaned and a generous coating is applied.
It looks great and performs well.

Download link for The Tarring Company (TARCO) Profile

Download our Profile

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This surface was placed by hand!!
Best Hand-jobs in Gauteng.

Tar surfacing on a rooftop (Asphalt) specialist tar surfacing

We specialize in Waterproofing and rooftop work.

Working at heights with such a heavy product can be dangerous. We adhere to all the Health and Safety requirements.


We used Tarco Rejuvenator CSB to transform this industrial property. Not only are the roads sealed and protected from damage... they also look fantastic.




On the phone or online


Office:        082-551-5591

Whatsapp:  069-914-2710

We got your email, someone will contact you soon.

Surfacing for 25 Years, we should post one of those cliché badges somewhere... Neh...

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