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Tar surfacing in Pretoria (PTA) and Johannesburg (JHB) has been our business focus since the start. We diversified to also include brick paving from 2009 due to the large demand created by the Soccer world cup. Call us now for a competitive quote on interlocking paving of 60mm and 80mm paving bricks.


To ensure a perfect finish, we use Asphalt with approved mix design and only SABS approved Paving products.


Compaction is key, on every layer.


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Asphalt Rejuvenator tar maintenance.

NEW: One of our Nationwide services.

The Rejuvenator system replenishes tired brittle asphalt, seals micro cracks and makes your surface look brand new. Save up to 80% of your asphalt maintenance budget over a projected 20 year period... now that's smart

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Pretoria West Cemetary: Patch and Overlay.


We specialize in rooftop Asphalt / Tar. This is one of many projects for City Property.

road construction

Our primary business focus is road construction.  A well maintained Tar or Paving surface will last *forever. That is why we endeavor to build the best and then extend our service to our clients by running cost saving preventitive asphalt maintenance programs. We help by proposing budgeting plans to keep the asphalt looking new at less than 30% of the cost compared to repairs and re-surfacing. (see Rejuvenator page for more info)


We also do small work like paving a driveway or slurry seals to existing Tar surfaces. We start from the soil up and can create any size Tar and Paving surface expertly.


Even though we focus on Gauteng province, we are able to complete larger projects (10 000m2+) in other provinces.


New Speed humps and Road Marking paint


Rejuvenator at a business park in Pretoria



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