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TARCO Rejuvenator CSB

It's a  FACT that If you don't repaint your walls every 4-6 years, then water, UV light and oxidation will destroy the plaster and the brickwork in NO time.


Just like walls and plaster, Roads and Parking areas are very expensive to replace. The TARCO Rejuvenator CSB system will replenish the bitumen, seal the surface and make it look brand new.

Tried, tested and Certified by The Agrément board (CSIR) to save you more than 80% on your asphalt maintenance cost.

TARCO Rejuvenator CSB is the only Rejuvenator available in SA that is certified and because it is solvent-based it penetrates into the road, unlike Normal TG1 spec Water-based surface dressings that is painted on-top of the surface.

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More than 95% of the damage to your Tar surface is from the top (sun, rain, oxidation, wear & tear)

If these elements penetrate through your asphalt, it will destroy your base and subsequent layers.

If we apply TARCO Rejuvenator CSB system to your asphalt every 4-6 years, we reset the life of the road and you save up to 80% of your maintenance budget.

"Prevention is better/cheaper than cure" TARCO Rejuvenator CSB system is a cheap, low impact approach to asphalt maintenance.

Save your money, and your surface with TARCO Rejuvenator CSB

Save your money and your surface

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