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AVAILABLE PLANT & TOOLS | We only offer what is on this list (Photos below)

BOBCAT Skidsteer Loaders (Standard or High-Flow Hydraulics)

ATTACHMENTS (Fits on any Skidsteer brand)

  • Angle Broom | Clean large areas or roads in no time. 

  • Trencher | Quickly dig trenches for irrigation, plumbing electrical etc. (0.1m -1.4m depth x 150mm - 350mm width)

  • Skeleton/Selector Bucket | Used to remove oversize rocks and debris from a stockpile.

  • Ripper Attachment. | used to loosen compacted soil layers to re-level or reduce levels.

  • Landscape rake. | Used to level out new soil for compaction or spread compost/filling over large areas.

BOMAG pedestrian rollers | 800Kg experienced Operator ( Diesel Smooth drum, walk behind rollers)

CONCRETE MIXERS | Petrol engine - 200L & 400L

DOUBLE AXLE TRAILER | 3.5 Ton braked trailer 2.4m x 4m Deck (inside diameter) Solid loading ramps.

PLATE COMPACTOR | light-duty plate compactor for grouting paving.

CONCRETE SAW | 350mm Heavy duty Concrete/Asphalt Saw Petrol & Diesel.

JAW CRUSHER | Fully Mobile.  Ready to start working in  <1 hour from site arrival.

250mm x 400mm Jaw size - Gate aperture -10mm to + 80mm

Pre-Screen vibrator loader box 0 - 40mm screen.

5 - >20 Ton per Hour crushing capability. Feed material and crush size-dependent
Includes 2 x staff and a Bobcat loader

Bobcat hire in Pretoria skidsteer

Bobcat Hire in Pretoria  (Skidsteer hire Centurion)

Bobcat trailer hire in Pretoria

Double Axle Trailer hire Pretoria. (Bobcat Trailer hire)

Bobcat Trencher attachment for hire in Pretoria


Bobcat Ripper and Scarifier attachment hire Pretoria


Skeleton bucket | Selector bucket


bomag pedestrian roller hire

Bomag Pedestrian rollers (steel drum)


concrete mixer hire in Pretoria and Brits

Concrete Mixer hire in Pretoria

Angle Broom

Angle broom hire in Pretoria.

CRUSH-IT Site rubble crusher.


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Tarco Mzansi Pty Ltd


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Whatsapp:  069-914-2710

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