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"All slurries are equal but some slurries are more equal than others..."

Over time, wear-and-tear takes its toll. If untreated this surface will be destroyed in no time.   Replacing the surface is very expensive.

TARCO Resin Modified Sealcote

is the solution to this costly problem called aggregate loss.

TARCO RMS is resin modified which when shear-mixed forms an almost unbreakable bond within the surface matrix.

This stuff is STRONG!

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Tarco Resin modified Sealcote RMS
Tarco Resin Modified Sealcote AFTER

right after placement

Tarco  Resin modified sealcote after 3 months

3 months after placement

Tarco RMS

scarify and repair

Tarco RMS

Old line marking filled

Tarco RMS

The results are staggering!


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