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Pothole repairs in pretoria






Any surface that is exposed to Sunlight, Oxygen, UV light and abrasion, will break down. The process is on a curve that starts out slow and speeds up as more damage occurs.


By means of scheduled maintenance, we are able to slow down the degradation process. That is why we seal the cracks and repair potholes, we strip out worn tar and replace it with new asphalt with the best mix-design. By preventing water form entering into your surface base, we effectively stop further damage. Our maintenance plan includes our Rejuvenator Technology that penetrates and Rejuvenates old asphalt and seals the surface with our Hydrocarbon enriched bitumen formula.  Read more on the Rejuvenator page.


Effective surface maintenance be it Paving or Asphalt (Tar) required proven procedures that has been tested and replicated based on province. Correct procedure means that we even look at magnetic charge of material and products to ensure the perfect chemical bonding and subsequent adhesion, compaction or density for overlays, new bases or slurry treatments.

Asphalt maintenance and repairs in Pretoria and Centurion

Pothole Repair

Potholes are a problem. There are 2 reasons they exist.


1. Inadequate base compaction when the surface was created.

2. Water gets to the base after surface creation and sags.


We know that Compaction is key.


We can prevent future decay by introducing our Rejuvenator spray system to your asphalt, Save your money and your surface with TARCO Rejuvenator.


A Pothole is a wet mess and needs to be treated as such.

We remove all the contaminated material and replace it with fresh G1 base material. After the base material is compacted and settled to the correct soil moisture content, a generous layer of asphalt is compacted to be flush with the existing asphalt surface.


A sealer is applied to the cut edge to make sure the patch is sealed.

Phothole repairs in Pretoria and Johannesburg (JHB)


Tar Slurry

Tar slurry and sealcoating in Pretoria and Centurion

Demo of Slurry sealer. With Green and Red colouring.

All slurries are equal, but some slurries are created more equal than others. Our Resin Modified Bitumen (Tar) Slurry is exactly that.


Capable of taking light traffic within 2 hours of slurry application means that access roads and service roads can be completed during early morning and opened for traffic within hours.


A durable fiber based Tar slurry that can be applied to surfaces with excessive aggregate loss and damage and secure a few more years of service. When it comes to preventative maintenance and cost effective surfacing treatments, our Slurry seal system will extend your budget and also make your surface appear new.


A Tar slurry can be applied by hand for areas up to 2000m2 and by truck slurry spreader for larger projects.

Hot pour crack sealing and Thermalbond repairs

Crack sealer

Cracks, the first sign of fatigue. If we can stop the maintenance cycle before cracks, it would be first prize. But fixing cracks before they become potholes, before they become strip and replace or inevitably a full re-construction.


Cracks are blown out with hot (250C) compressed air. The heating process kills any vegitation, removes soil and dust and heats the vertical tar edge to fuse with the 160deg hot pour crack sealer.


Our maintenance teams service Pretoria and Johannesburg but can assist on larger projects in other provinces.

Crack repair using hot-pour method.

Paving repair

Believe it or not, Paving also requires maintenance, quite a bit more that asphalt.


Weeds penetrate into the joints. The germination process, one of the most amazingly destructive processes needs to be kept in check. 


When water accumulates on any surface it opens the door to maintenance.

Walkways, driveways and roadways we tar and pave it all

say no

Paving repair including kerbing.

Say no to maintenance. Prevention is cheaper than cure.


Make the only logical choice...


Contact us to start the Repair and Rejuvenation process and save up to 80% on your projected maintenance budget.



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